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Preview: Limit Theory

by Kyle Breen-Bondie on December 16, 2014

Limit Theory Screenshot - A station amongst an asteroid fieldA limitless space game – boundless in both size and scope.

Take a spaceship, unlike any other ship ever imagined or made, whether in-game or any other place. Plunge into a new universe, inhabited with new NPCs and factions, sprinkled with new planets, stations and ships, and never populated with the same content.

Every time you start a new game.

This is Limit Theory.

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Daunt: An Introduction

by Kyle Breen-Bondie on October 23, 2014

Daunt logoHello fellow Others, I’m Kyle, AKA Daunt. I’m writing this as an introduction to my blog posts, as a sort of preface to show what to expect from me.

I am pretty new to the Band of Others, but since joining I’ve become really involved because the community is just amazing; great atmosphere and really strives to be what the community wants it to be.

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iRacing Ruf Cup at Silverstone National

Hello and welcome iRacing Fans!

Today we have Season 2, Week 2, of the 2014 iRacing Ruf Cup which find us at Silverstone Circuit “National” Configuration.

Race weather this week is a balmy 67ᵒ F at 70% relative humidity with a 13 MPH wind coming from the North West.

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iRacing Ruf Cup at Watkins Glen

This Season I’ll be publishing all my races in Season 2 of the iRacing Ruf Cup.

All races will be accompanied by live commentary however since I’ve never mastered chewing gum and walking this could be a bit of a stretch.

I’ve also started adding a Track-side camera view so you can see what’s going on around me.

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